How To Iron On Patches

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How to iron on a patch:
Step 1: Set your hand iron at 325 degrees
Step 2: Place your patch in the desired location
Step 3: Cover your patch with a cloth such as a handkerchief or pillowcase
Step 4: Press the iron firmly onto your patch, iron the entire patch 3-4 times
Step 5: Turn the garment inside out and iron the entire patch again
Step 6: Allow the patch to cool. If the edges are still lifting, repeat steps 4 & 5

Once applied, the patch is permanently attached to garment and is washable, and dry cleanable. Turn garment inside-out for machine washing.

NOTE: Your iron temperature should be at least 270 degrees in order for the patch glue to attach properly. Please do a patch test to check if your fabric can withstand the heat, prior to ironing on your patch. Always use a pillowcase or handkerchief on top of your patch, so the iron is not directly on your patch.

Here is a guide to the iron temperatures recommended for different fabrics:

  • Acetate (290F)
  • Acrylic  (275F)
  • Cotton  (350F)
  • Linen  (445F)
  • Nylon  (275F)
  • Polyester  (300F)
  • Silk  (300F)
  • Wool  (300F)
  • Leather (338 F)
  • Faux leather (280 F)

Iron Settings On the Dial: Instead of having temperatures, your iron dial may just list the types of fabrics. The order on most dials from lowest to highest is:

  • Nylon - LOW
  • Silk - LOW-MEDUIM
  • Wool - MEDIUM
  • Cotton - MEDIUM-HIGH
  • Linen - HIGH 


  • Can you tell me how we can order wholesale patches again, Thank you
    Victory Leathers
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  • Can I iron on to leather will it stay

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  • can i use a heat press machine for this?

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  • I have a leather vest… I received from Nixon thread co. a U.S. NAVY/VETERAN rocker patch… it is a sew-on or iron-on type patch…


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